It took some time before Johan Rheborg realized that he loved being on stage. Despite a law degree from Stockholm University, Johan took another direction after graduation and started to direct commercials. It was not until later, when he became a part of Killinggänget, that his acting career prospered. His true love for acting, screenwriting, stand-up and directing has given us fantastic characters like Percy Nilegård in NileCity 105.6, Kenny Starfighter, Morran in the TV series and feature film Morran and Tobias, the character Ove in the theater production of A Man Named Ove, and the materialistic and BBQ-addicted Fredrik Schiller in Solsidan, and more! Give Johan a character-driven screenplay, and he will for sure bring out all the full potential from the characters. And even when he is not working, he enjoys being behind one of his many vintage analogue cameras.